300 Petronia St.
Key West
FL 33040


Continental breakfast: fresh juice • coffee or tea • croissant, baguette or sugar crêpe 12.00

Fresh assorted fruit bowl 6.75

Granola served with plain yogurt and fresh fruit 11.25

Butter croissant 3.25

Plain cheese omelette 7.50

Omelette with ham and cheese (Swiss or Cheddar) 9.75

Omelette with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, chives and goat cheese 10.75

Omelette with sausage, green pepper, onions and cheddar cheese 11.25

Omelette with bacon, chives, potatoes and cheddar cheese 11.25

Omelette with Norwegian smoked salmon, goat cheese, chives and cream cheese 12.50

Side of sautéed potatoes 3.75

French Plates

Traditional Onion Soup 7.00

Croque Monsieur: a baked ham & Swiss cheese sandwich on bread or croissant, side salad 11.75

Croque Madame: the above plus 2 eggs sunny side up on top 12.00

Paté and Assorted Cheese Plate 14.00

Melon and prosciutto 11.50

Sweet Crépes

Plain butter, sugar 6.50

Butter, sugar, toasted almonds, topped with whipped cream 8.25

Nutella (hazelnut chocolate spread) 8.00

Nutella, banana 8.75

Nutella, strawberry 9.25

Nutella, banana and strawberry 10.50

Banana, lime, sugar 8.75

Fresh pineapple, coconut, honey or caramel 9.75

Assorted fresh fruit combo and raspberry coulis 10.75

Raspberry cream cheese 8.75

Dulce de leche, banana, coconut 8.75

Maple syrup, walnuts, vanilla ice cream 10.25

Guava paste and cream cheese 8.75

Red velvet: homemade raspberry chocolate ganache, fresh strawberries, almonds, English custard ice cream, raspberry coulis 12.50

Poire Belle Helene: pear, dark chocolate, toasted almonds, vanilla ice cream 12.50

Galettes (Organic Buckwheat)

La Complète: egg, Swiss cheese, your choice of ham, bacon or sausage 11.25

Prosciutto, Egg, Swiss cheese: with sautéed tomatoes in Herbs de Provence, basil 12.75

Goat cheese, pesto, tomatoes, fresh basil 10.25

Brie, Bacon, Granny Smith apple 10.75

Goat cheese: over a bed of mesclun salad with walnuts, tomatoes, golden raisins, Herbs de Provence, balsamic vinaigrette 12.25

Greek Salad: with Feta cheese, roasted red peppers, calamata olives, tomatoes, fresh basil, balsamic vinaigrette 12.25

Italian Salad: with fresh Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and green pesto 12.25
Cheese Trio: Brie, goat cheese and Swiss, tomato and fresh basil 12.25

Brie and Smoked Salmon 12.50

Smoked Salmon: served in a light lemon chive cream sauce 12.50

Ratatouille: tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, red and green pepper, onions, garlic, herbs, melted Swiss cheese 12.00

Béchamel Sauce: with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions 11.25
Chicken: in the above béchamel sauce 12.75

La Veggie: spinach, mushrooms, chives, tomatoes and goat cheese 11.75

La Mexicaine: refried beans, onions, avocados, tomatoes, sour cream and melted Swiss cheese 12.00

La Printaniere: spring mix, baby arugula, goat cheese, avocado, pear or strawberries, 12.75
caramelized walnuts, served with a Honey Dijon mustard vinaigrette

La Campagnarde: frisee, lardons, tomatoes, potatoes, shallots, egg over easy, with a red wine vinaigrette 12.75

Galettes (Organic Buckwheat)

Warm Pressed Sandwiches on Ciabatta bread served with a small mixed green salad

Chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes and black olive pesto 10.25

Chicken, goat cheese, tomatoes and green pesto 10.25

Prosciutto, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, roasted red pepper pesto 11.75

Smoked Norwegian Salmon, Brie, tomatoes, capers, lemon 12.25

Avocado, roasted red pepper, tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella, balsamic reduction 10.25

Grilled Cheese Panino: your choice of Swiss or Cheddar 7.25

Caprese Panino: Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, balsamic reduction 9.75

Great Tuna Sandwich, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, capers, Swiss cheese, 11.50

on baguette or croissant served with chips


Tuna Salad: served over mixed green with tomatoes, cucumber and hard boiled eggs, Swiss cheese and a side vinaigrette 12.00

Caprese Salad: fresh Buffalo mozzarella, plum tomatoes, fresh basil, balsamic reduction and olive oil 10.50


Café au lait 3.75
Café or Tea (assorted) 2.00
Cappuccino 4.25
Hot Chocolate Viennois 4.25
Espresso 2.75
Chai Tea 4.25
Double Espresso 3.75
House Specialty 5.25
Macchiato 3.25
Sodas 2.00
Perrier 3.00
Orangina 3.50
Panna Mineral Water 3.50
Imported French Lemonade 3.50
Orange Juice 4.25
Grapefruit Juice 4.95
Gelato Milkshakes 7.00
Fresh Fruit Smoothies 7.00