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A new wine bar in Key West!


This is a story about a French man who had an épicerie, a shop filled with fine foods, who met a French woman sommelier, one who specializes in wine. They fell in love amongst the richest food and finest wine of France but longed for adventure and a different life. They longed for “VIVEZ JOYEUX” In other words, to live joyfully.

Vivez Joyeux is now a dream realized for newly-weds and French emigres Laurent and Julie De Cock. They recently opened Vivez Joyeux — a wine bar and cheese bistro at 300 Petronia Street next to La Crêperie. It’s the perfect marriage of love, food and wine.

“We like to be alive the next day after we drink a lot,” joked Laurent. He is passionate about the quality of wines they serve choosing mostly organic and biodynamic wines from small vineyards.

Biodynamic being the new “it” trend declared by Food and Wine magazine where the grapes and soil are cultivated on cosmos/moon oriented calendar and famous in Europe for more than 20 years. Ninety per cent of Vivez Joyeux wines are from France, while the others are from small U.S. vineyards.

“We like digestible wines, not industrial,” winked Laurent, adding that the grape is available by the glass or bottle.

Wine, cheeses and cured meat.

Wine bar Key West

“It’s our story and our passion to bring good food and wine to the people.”Julie, Owner and sommelier

They also offer the finest meats and cheeses to pair with the wines. Aside from the usual European cheeses, They selects Wisconsin and California cheeses that are easier to ship fresh. Choosing hormone and antibiotic-free meats is a must for their small plates and platters. One specialty is the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, made from free-range, acorn-fed pigs in Spain and cured up to 48 months.

And naturally, the French must have a tartine du jour, a type of open-faced sandwich with rich fillings. Vivez Joyeux unique foods and wines will be available for catering and select wine tasting events. The next is on Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. Information and tickets available at Open daily from noon to 9 p.m. during season.

Hays Blinckmann - Keys Weekly

new wine in key west

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