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What is a good product actually ?

Is fake sustainable ?

For example in some french Macarons

In a good French PISTACHIO Macaron, you should find some good ingredients :

cane sugar, almond flour, butter, cage free eggs, natural pistachio paste, natural colours from fruits or vegetable extracts, bitter from almond extracts.

In a good French COCONUT Macaron, you should only find some :

cane sugar, almond flour, shredded coconut, natural coconut extract, butter, cage free eggs from happy hens.

In a good French LEMON Macaron :

cane sugar, almond flour, lemon juice and lemon essential oil, butter, natural colour from fruit extract, some organic cornstarch and some cage free eggs, of course !

What about a Salted CARAMEL Macaron ?

cane sugar, almond flour, sea salt, butter, whipping cream, white chocolate made with sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour,cage free eggs and honey.

And that's all !

So, a good macaron or macaroon in english must be confectioned with natural and organic ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial flavouring or CHIMICAL COLORS !!!!

And it's what we like, they should always be fake free, and by the way, they are gluten free too.

All good things are in Nature !

Artificial colouring is a serious problem in fast and fake, or even fashion trendy food...

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