• la creperie french cafe key west breakfast and lunch

    La Crêperie French Café is located

    300 Petronia St., Key West FL, 33040, just in Bahama Village...

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    Crêperie in Key West

    the only french Crêperie

    19 years

    since opening

    > 4,5

    average note

    > 1650

    pictures in social networks

    > 15000


    2 menus

    in or to go/delivery

  • Reservation

    Between noon and 3 pm

  • The best review so far!?

    "Just logged back into Yelp, realizing I forgot to finish this review. I spent two and a half months there earlier this spring from March to mid-May and I absolutely loved this restaurant. There is one other (Russian)Creperie in town, but La Creperie blows that place out of the water. This restaurant is, in my opinion, one of the top 3 breakfast/brunch restaurants in Key West. Deserves multiple visits for anybody staying more than a week. I really hope this place didn't close permanently due to any damage from the recent string of hurricanes. Cant' wait to go back." Jon T 10/15/17 (after Hurricane Irma)

    Life is organic!

    We think than life is nature rather than marketing, so we prepare food from scratch that are fresh, as much as possible organic, natural and non-gmo. We are gluten free, vegetarian & vegan friendly, ask for these options, we have plenty !

    Ask for your needs...and drink biodynamics wines!

  • Reservation

    Find a table at La Creperie French Cafe Key West

  • Enjoy and relax...

    Good food take time


    We Care About the People

    Because you are worth it

    We think at la Crêperie French Café "real food deserve real people" and we want to take care of you first. Authentic quality is our obsession

    sea turtle

    We Care About the planet

    Because the planet is worth it

    Recycling, compostable waste, organic products, non gmo and local agriculture are sustainable and it's our commitment to be a green business

  • Happiness is in Key West!

    Sweet or savory crepe?

    Petronia street key west

    Key West

    Is Florida and a weird America

    And for many reasons, something more, something different, maybe an open-mind world, because all the tastes are in the nature.

    la creperie on petronia street

    A Small-Town Feel

    In Bahama Village

    The restaurant is nestled in the heart of down town, close to Duval Street, where perhaps all as begun. Find us at 300 Petronia Street and nowhere else...

    We are open from 07:30 am to 03:00 pm.

    crepe traditionnelle

    Enjoy the journey

    with La Crêperie French Café

    Why not begin with an Omelette, a Croque Monsieur or Madame, a Panini, a Sandwich or a Salad Maybe even a cheese plate or an American breakfast ? Savoury crepes or galette are made with buckwheat flour. Sweet crêpes are made of wheat flour. "Red Velvet" is one of the most famous... Try one and you will never forget your trip to Key West !

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    Crêperie French Café, cozy café for breakfast and lunch

    300 Petronia Street, Key West FL, 33040

    +1 305 517 6799

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Toutes les photos sont la propriété de la Crêperie French Café in Key West (except the turtle from Peter Leong). Nous vous souhaitons un bon appétit, mangez une crêpes ou une galette à Key West, faites du sport, évitez les sodas, évitez les putains de colorants alimentaires des patisseries "arc-en-ciel" disponibles sur Duval, le marketing alimentaire et la malbouffe en règle générale, ceux qui se prétendent les seuls francais de Key West, ceux qui votent Marine, réfléchissez à ce qui entre dans votre bouche, la qualité de la nouriture et du vin que vous consommez, ouvrez vos chakras et relaxez-vous !
All the pix are the property of the La Creperie Key West French Cafe (except the turtle from Peter Leong). We wish you a good appetite, eat a crepe or a galette in Key West, do sports, avoid sodas and junk food, in general think of what enter in your mouth, open your chakras and relax!
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